Razer Orochi – Best Mobile Bluetooth PC Gaming Mouse

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  • Razer Orochi – Best Mobile Bluetooth PC Gaming Mouse
  • Razer Orochi – Best Mobile Bluetooth PC Gaming Mouse
  • Razer Orochi – Best Mobile Bluetooth PC Gaming Mouse
Razer Orochi Mouse Features

  • 8,200 DPI LASER SENSOR FOR PINPOINT ACCURACY – Capable of mouse movement speeds of up to 210 inches per second and 50 G acceleration, the Razer Orochi’s 4G laser sensor delivers uncompromised accuracy – from blazing speed to pinpoint steadiness. Fully supported by Razer Synapse, you can push your performance to the limit by customizing your Razer Orochi, tuning it perfectly to your unique specifications.
  • 7 MONTHS OF BATTERY LIFE FOR EXTENDED GAMING ON THE GO – To maximize your wireless game time, the Razer Orochi features an ultra-accurate sensor optimized for low power consumption. Coupled with Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, the Razer Orochi provides 60 hours of continuous gameplay, or 7 months of normal usage*, so you get over three times more battery life than its predecessor. In the event that the battery does run low from the hours of exhilarating action, you can simply replace both AA batteries and continue dominating whichever battlefield you’re on.
  • Chroma lighting with true 16.8 million customizable color options.
  • Ambidextrous form factor with textured rubber side grips with 7 independently programmable buttons.
  • Dual wired/wireless Bluetooth 4.0 technology. 1 m / 3.28 ft braided fiber USB charging cable.


For gaming on the go, you will not find a better suited mouse than the Razer Orochi. I am talking, fast response in a wireless pocket size that can last up to 7 months. Razer nailed it. If you want the best pocket mouse for casual or work, use the Logitech T630. But if you want the best gaming rated pocket mouse, the Orochi will give you everything you need to win on the go. Since it has bluetooth 4.0, you can pair it to your mobile phone or tablet for wireless mouse input. I also use the Orochi mouse for my Shield TV. The Orochi is the best lag-free wireless couch mouse I found for playing FPS or Adventure games. Combine this mouse with the Logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard and I can lean back on the couch and play most all my PC games on the living room big screen TV.

If you want the best gaming rated pocket mouse, the Orochi will give you everything you need to win on the go.

The Orochi pocket mouse comes with a neoprene zipper case that snugly holds a braided cable and protects your mouse from keys, etc. So if you are heading to McDonalds to with your laptop to get some work done while the kids play, you can plug the mouse in if you ever need to. With around 7 months of AA battery time, plugging it in will be rare, but it is a good safety feature to have. This mouse is ultra portable so the feel is more fingertip than full-size resting palm. With just using the fingertips, the Orochi body is very fast and easy to maneuver. If you install the free Razer Synapse software you can customize your wheel lighting and the 7 buttons. The overall build is solid Razer quality, with sleek design and excellent texture. Drop it in your pocket and you are good to game anywhere.


8.2 Total Score

Razer Orochi is the best choice for a mobile gaming mouse. Small yet fast. Dual wired and wireless. Quality build with about 7 months of battery life.

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