RAVPower Luster LED Flashlight with 3200mAh power bank

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$18.99 SEE IT
$18.99 SEE IT
  • RAVPower Luster LED Flashlight with 3200mAh power bank
  • RAVPower Luster LED Flashlight with 3200mAh power bank
  • RAVPower Luster LED Flashlight with 3200mAh power bank
  • RAVPower Luster LED Flashlight with 3200mAh power bank
LED Flashlight Power Bank

  • 3200 mAh power bank that provides a full charge for iPhone 6, 5, 4, and other types of smartphones.
  • Up to 9 hours of additional talk time or 90 hours of music playback from your cell phone.
  • Built-in iSmart technology charges your device faster than standard USB output.
  • Ultra bright flashlight with 3 lighting modes – High, Low, and Strobe; perfect for camping.
  • Built with premium grade A+ battery cells certified for over 500 recharge cycles.


This is the backup battery flashlight I bring with me every day…when I don’t bring the UV version. Or sometimes I bring both. These pocket batteries will charge just about any micro USB device. Why even bring your phone when you get stranded somewhere at the end of the day, and your phone battery ran out. These backup batteries have helped not only me, but my wife, kids, and friends. I can’t tell you how many times I handed this to my wife heading out the door. She forgot to charge her phone overnight. My kids, never seem to have a full charge. Or an evening out with friends, you may turn into the boy-scout everyone hoped you would be.


At night, you have a low maintenance, powerful flashlight. This blows away that flashlight stored in your minivan. It has high, low and strobe SOS modes. When you get in the habit of dropping keys, wallet and this backup battery flashlight in your pocket…you are covered day or night. I also recommend adding a couple Band-aids to your wallet or purse. The trick is to have a USB cord already plugged in my where you store your car keys for the evening. If you used the it during the day, remember to plug it in. From watching my wife, once it goes in the purse it is harder to remember to fish it out to recharge, compared to when I just empty my pockets. But if you charge your phone, charge this as well. And if I just use the LED flashlight for quick sessions, I will not bother to recharge it.


This new 3rd Gen version included my favorite iSmart battery tech. iSmart auto detects the optimal charge speed and current your device can handle. You will safely get the fastest charge that way, no worries. I will charge my Note5 in less than an hour. However, I don’t like letting my phone run down too low. So when browsing for a long time, I usually hook up the battery and browse at the same time. My Phone battery usually stays at the same charge level. If you going camping or remote, don’t forget to bring a larger battery bank and solar panel to recharge this flashlight and all your mobile devices.


9 Total Score

This RAVPowerLED Flashlight Power Bank adds iSmart battery technology for fast and safe charges. Aluminum low maintenance flashlight is extra bright.

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