PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells – Ultimate Quick Change

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  • PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells – Ultimate Quick Change
PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Features

I have used the same PowerBlock classic dumbbells set for almost 20 years now. Never had to replace them or wanted to. All metal, the classic square with the padded handles and supports have been all I needed along with a good workout bench. The overall design has really has not changed much. Gone are all my workout machines and gym memberships…and the eventual guilt of not using them. Now, I just slide out my workout bench and quickly select my weights from warm-up to peak to fatigue. Quick select is a matter of just adjusting the pins and lifting. If you already know your current weight colors, it is even faster. Slap the pins in, done! Plus the 10 year warranty will cover anything, but unless you are throwing these down on cement, you should never need it. All metal, good. There are newer urethane models that look cool, although bulkier than the compact classic metal dumbbells.


I like the stability of the square shape. Easy to do raised push-ups and stable when stored on the floor. I never needed the weight pedestal, just felt safer on the floor with kids around. And lifting up to the bench was part of the exercise for me. Keep it simple. A foldable workout bench and compact dumbbells…both can be placed out of the way. Workouts workout better when I can keep the equipment near, yet almost out of site to avoid clutter. The office works best for me since I spend a lot of time there. Also I can close the door so the kids do not get hit by any dumbbells. The classic model has padded side supports, for holding either side or wrist support depending on the exercise. Square does look clunky but I would not go back to round after using these. They do make extensions for more weight, but using good form for muscle isolation with less weights will show similar results safer. Still using the same PowerBlock dumbbell set after almost 20 years, can’t be bad.


8 Total Score

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells are quickly adjustable and well built. I still use mine after 20 years and highly recommend them.

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