Kinguin Game Key Marketplace – Best Games. Best Prices.

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  • Kinguin Game Key Marketplace – Best Games. Best Prices.
Kinguin Marketplace Features

  • 10,000 products at fair prices to hundreds of thousands of gamers each week.
  • Live Chat and Ticketing available for customers 24/7.
  • Simple affiliate program for up to 5% commission.
  • You can make your own store, 800+ digital games stored under your own brand and domain.
  • More than 140 payment methods from around the world.
  • Buyer protection 100% money back guarantee within 30 days.

Kinguin Has The Best Games

I can’t remember when I bought a physical copy of any game or software. Today, most media is purchased through digital distribution stores like Steam, Origin, Uplay, Amazon, Shopto, etc. Basically, you search a catalog of software or games, purchase it, download/install to your computer and play. Each digital game is automatically assigned and activated with a game serial number or key. However, you can manually activate most games or software with a corresponding key purchased from other key stores. Game key stores such as GOG, GreenManGaming, GamersGate, GetGamesGo, etc., just sell keys they have purchased from the game publisher in bulk. Game key stores are very popular and give consumers more shopping choices than just waiting for that next big Steam sale.

I have been using the Kinguin marketplace for about three years now. Like Ebay or Amazon, Kinguin is a capitalist dream where anyone can signup and sell game keys they own. They have a good fraud protection system and 30 day guarantee in place. And if there was an issue, customer service is available 24/7. I had only one issue so far and the seller cleared that up directly within a few hours. Like Amazon and Ebay ratings, Kinguin sellers need good customer feedback to establish credibility and consumer confidence. I will not buy a game from a Kinguin seller unless they have high sales numbers and almost a perfect rating. I recommend you do the same. Test it out with a small game purchase and make sure Kinguin Buyer Protection is checked.


Kinguin Game Key Marketplace


Kinguin allows you to create your own Game Key store using your domain. Or you can just add your offerings in the searchable general marketplace. There are game offers and software on many platforms like PC, Xbox, PS4, Android, etc. Kinguin makes it easy, and members can have a fully automated and daily updated store by Kinguin staff. You may step in at any time and manage, tune or modify your store manually. Set your own prices, fit your slider to your needs, manage your social media. Kinguin will take care of your customer issues for you. No more worrying about risky order, technical issue with activation or any other trouble that customer may have.

So why do I bother with Kinguin? Because I do not pirate games, and yet do not want to pay full retail.

Kinguin also has a good multi-tier affiliate program called “Kinguin Mafia”, make money from your “family” if you don’t want to sell keys. That is what I do since I do not spend that much time anymore in the gaming world. First, register here to become a member. And second, sign up as an affiliate here to receive your unique referral link which you need to share with your friends, community or if you have a gaming website you can share it there with one of the Kinguin banners. Whenever one of the people referred by you makes a purchase at Kinguin, you will receive a part from that transaction…up to 5%. You can follow all of those transactions in your affiliate panel. Every transaction they make in the future will bring you profit and if they introduce someone new, they can also make money.


Kinguin Mafia Affiliate Program


So why do I bother with Kinguin? Because I do not pirate games, and yet do not want to pay full retail. Take a look at the Kinguin game search above and try to find a current game you are interested in…”Sims” is just a placeholder. At the Kinguin marketplace, I pay much less than purchasing through a mainstream distributor or even most game key stores… without waiting for a winter or summer sale. Not all game companies allow for a huge sales margin the first few weeks so you may have to wait 2-3 weeks for deeper discounts. I usually don’t pay more than half price for a newer game, some AAA titles included. And best of all, I still get to use the digital game library apps like Steam, Origin, etc that I am used to.


8.5 Total Score

This site is the best video game marketplace I have ever used. Not only can it save you money, but you can earn as well. After 3 years, I can highly recommend Kinguin.

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Kinguin Game Key Marketplace

Best Games. Best Prices. The Kinguin mission is to provide sellers and buyers from all around the world the possibility to trade video games at fair price with minimal hassle through an innovative platform.

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