Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum Cleaner – Animal Plus Allergy – It Sucks

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  • Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum Cleaner – Animal Plus Allergy – It Sucks
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I have had the Dyson Ball Animal for over 6 years, and I do not need another vacuum. This review is based off my experience with that machine, understanding the newer Cinetic has even stronger suction with NO filters to clean. I am jealous, but our 6 year old Dyson still works fantastic, so no complaints or reason to upgrade. I posted the Cinetic refurbished link, a cheaper price than we paid for our older refurbished unit 6 years ago. I grew up with an metal Hoover beast that lasted forever. Only thing we changed on our Hoover were the bags and bands. Maybe one roller. I remember it doing an OK job over the years, but when we had big messes to clean we would pull out the shop vac for better power and suction. After I got married, pets and kids in the mix…we were going through average bagged vacuums every couple years. And after a while, bag-less was becoming more common but they still did not last. Even with cleaning, parts were breaking and the suction was weak. I was loosing the war with our shedding Himalayan cat and Cocker Spaniel dog daily sheddings. I would do 4-5 passes with dismal results for time spent.




Over my 6 years of clearing kid related clogs, I always appreciated the easy access choke points and snap off components.

After my 6th superstore value vacuum breakdown. I felt like I was just throwing money away. And the carpets were getting matted with a layer of pet hair. So once I discovered the refurbished Dyson Ball Animal, I had hope. It was not an all metal Hover, so I was skeptical on quality – but with Amazon I knew they had a good return policy. I still remember my smile turning my Dyson for the first time. Power, suction, cool tech…and animal rated. It made me miss my pre-marriage Corvette. This vacuum was definitely no minivan. The vacuum composite parts were thicker and well designed. Over my 6 years of clearing kid related clogs, I always appreciated the easy access choke points and snap off components. I did not have to rig any coat hanger tools for this vacuum…smart design. I still play vacuum tag with the pets and kids and ram it under furniture. Still prefer using our Dyson over sweeping hard floors. Our carpets and stairs never looked better since getting our Dyson. The ball maneuvering only takes a couple minutes to master, and remember the second click is to lock the vacuum upright. I never had anything break or replaced.

Every year, I make it a point to tear my Dyson vacuum down and clean the filters and components. Only takes about 15 minutes, then I let it dry. The main roller takes the longest but with a good pair of scissors it goes pretty fast. Over 6 years, I have some scratches from use but it performs like new. Then enters the Cinetic Big Ball version, even stronger suction, and no filters to wash. That would cut tear down cleaning time by a third. No filters guarantees the best suction with little hindrance. Enjoy your new Dyson, we will still be using our older Dyson for many more years. It sucks better than any vacuum I have ever used.


8.2 Total Score

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum is the ultimate upright vacuum. Great maneuverability and powerful suction...easy to empty and clean. No dirty filters to clean or replace.

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